Spaceship model build day one continued

Now back to the main model. I took it outside as well and give it a light coat of the gray primer spray paint. I like the fact that these flower pots were black to begin with, because when I make the score lines they will show up black. It will have a built in contrast that I can lighten up, rather than trying to darken a white model. The PVC piece on top looks a lot more integrated now. Obviously, I’ll cover up the wood screws.


I was inspired by something I saw on the web (can’t find it now) to try and add some panels to the model to break up the round shape. The idea is then to fill the gaps with body putty that can be sanded or painted.  I made them out of the 1.5mm styrene sheets


Putting them on looks kind of rough – I used the hot glue gun, which works great, but the alignment is obviously a problem. I’m going to give it a shot with the body putty (I will probably use drywall compound instead of body putty unless I can find some at home depot).












I put these across the top section. On the bottom section, I started adding greebles and score lines.





Now it’s off to Home Depot to get body putty, some more sandpaper, and a few more nuts / bolts / odds / ends to attach the engine section to the rest of the body. I realize now I should have gotten some thinner styrene sheets, like .5mm, to cut up and use as body panels. I’m a long way from the hobby store so might see what they have at HD.



~ by claytonbrown2 on March 25, 2014.

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