Building the first set

bunker 4

Bunker 1 IMG_4378 IMG_4377IMG_4382IMG_4379

We’ll be shooting in the studio at Northwestern, and space there is at a premium. There’s already a set that remains built full-time (typical living room), as well as one large section of the studio that is a green screen, so we must be able to build and strike our set pretty efficiently.  The script calls for a concrete room (as in an unfinished building), so, I decided to make it out of 2-inch foam which can be painted to look like concrete and be moved around really easily.


I planned the set and modeled it in Cinema 4D. I Made up a list of parts and measurements, and everyone got to work. First, everything was measured and cut, then the painting began. Took a while for everything to dry, but the faux concrete treatment actually worked really nicely.  Found it here. We let everything dry overnight. What’s nice about this is that the whole set can stack up in a 4 X 8 space.  I decided to put it all together in a dry run, which took me about 90 minutes working alone.  With everyone involved it should go up in about 15-20 minutes, and come down in about 10.  I think it looks pretty convincing!



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